Patterns offered by Patterns Gone Digital

What is a PDF pattern and how do I download and print it?

A downloadable PDF pattern is a pattern which is accessed from a computer through a file format called PDF. The file can then be saved on your computer or storage device, and printed from your home printer, or at a copy shop. For instructions on printing, please see our tutorial.

In order to open the PDF pattern, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed on your computer. A free download Adobe Reader is available here.

Each printable pattern is formatted for standard 8 1/2 × 11 paper. Print each sheet AS IS – do not crop or enlarge the pages.

If you are experiencing problems downloading or printing your pattern, the following information should help you. WE DO NOT E-MAIL PATTERNS.

  • Check to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Visit http://get.adobe.com/reader/ for download information.
  • When printing ensure that "Auto-Rotate and Center" is checked in the printer options.
  • Clear your internet browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Click “Save As” instead of “Open” when downloading.

I want to purchase a pattern. How do I go about it?

Currently PGD offers patterns through our network of retail stores. Please view the retailer tab for information and locations. If your favorite retailer is not in our network, please let them know about us!

I'm not a retailer, can I purchase patterns from Patterns Gone Digital?

Patterns Gone Digital believes in your local retail store. Therefore, we only sell patterns wholesale to retailers. Please contact your local retail store about purchasing patterns from Patterns Gone Digital.

Can I sell quilts from patterns I have purchased?

The patterns provide through Patterns Gone Digital are protect by copyright laws. You may contact the designer directly for permission to sell the quilts made from their patterns

Can I sell or give away the quilt patterns I have purchased from this site?

No. All patterns, are not intended for re-distribution in any form. Any attempt to sell, give away, or otherwise distribute patterns you did not create is subject to legal action.

If I purchased a pattern, can I offer it as a download on my blog or online shop?

Each designer has spent a lifetime creating these designs. The patterns belong to the designer. These patterns are not intended to be distributed, commercially or otherwise, by any other platform other than our site. Once you purchase a pattern, you are entitled to use the pattern as mentioned in our Terms of Use, but you cannot offer it as a download or make it available for others to use in any other form.

I saw a quilt pattern in a shop or printed magazine. Can I find it on PGD's website?

We are always looking for new and exciting patterns. If you cannot find the pattern by searching for it on the left, please let us know about it!

Shouldn't the prices for digital patterns be much lower than regular patterns?

Patterns Gone Digital's research shows that by eliminating the paper from patterns, designers can reduce their prices by approximately 20%. Designers put their heart and soul into creating these patterns. If they are not able to make enough money doing it, they will not be able to create the designs we love. Purchasing a pattern is about paying for content, not necessarily the format. The E-Book industry has dealt with similar issues. Shortly after its release, the Kindle edition of Steve Jobs' biography was offered on Amazon for only 5% cheaper than the hardcover book. The New York Times published a good article talking about why E-Books were not priced significantly lower than their hardcover counter parts. Basically the take home message is that we are paying for the content, not the format.

Account and Registration

How do I create an account?

Simply click the Log On link in the upper right-hand corner. PGD is concerned about security of information, therefore we allow you to create an account based on several popular websites. Simply select the provider you wish to use. You will be redirected to their site for authentication. Once authenticated, you will be returned to PGD. You can provide a nickname and/or email address if you so desire.

I'm a retailer, how do I create an account?

Please take a look at our tutorial page for instructions.

How do I find my account profile?

Once logged in, you may click on your nickname to access your profile. If you have not set a nickname, the text Unnamed Quilter will appear.

Designer Partnerships And Advertising

Where do partner designers come from?

Designer Partners come from the quilting world. A designer must create and publish their own quilt design and produce a pattern which would consist of (but may not be limited to) photo of design, instructions to compete design, art work necessary for design, and a list of materials or supplies to complete project. PGD welcomes any designer Partner. A designer partner must complete an agreement with PGD.

How can I distribute my patterns with PGD?

Contact us at support@patternsgonedigital.com and request a contract.

I work for a school or charitable organization. How can I use my pattern for my class or group?

Please contact the designer of the pattern for information.

I am interested in advertising with PGD. How can I go about doing that?

Coming soon.

Issues with our Website

Where do I go to report an issue I am having with the website?

First, check the FAQs to see if an answer to your problem is there. If you can't find what you are looking for, please submit your concern to support@patternsgonedigital.com for further assistance. Please allow 48-hours for a response.

I received a 500 or 404 Page Error on one or more of the site's pages. What do I do?

A 500 Error means that the error is in connection with our server. If you have received a 500 Error on the site, please send us the following information to support@patternsgonedigital.com:

  • A screen shot, if possible
  • The exact URL where you received the 500 Error
  • Your username
  • The web browser you experienced the error in (including version).
  • The time that the error occurred.

A 404 Error means that the specific URL of the page does not exist or is incorrect. If you have received a 404 Error, please double-check the URL to ensure that it is correct. If you clicked on a hyperlink from a previous page, please notify us at support@patternsgonedigital.com.